A little weekend fun

Spiked Latte at Uncommon Ground

One of my mini goals is to explore the city more. I've been hibernating pretty hard and this weekend was full of so much good stuff and some of my favorite people.

First up on Saturday afternoon I went to Cat Video Fest and it is exactly what you think it is. A whole feature length film comprised of cat videos. It was the best thing ever! As joyful as it is to watch cat videos by oneself, when you add an audience of people who love cats, it becomes a joy fest. Plus going to the Music Box Theater is always delightful and they had the organist playing just for the cat video fest. Cat Video Fest is playing this weekend at the Music Box, but if you aren't in Chicago definitely check out the link for showtimes because it is a traveling show.

Afterwards my friend and I went to Uncommon Ground, which is right around the corner from the theater. I threw my food plan out the window and we shared Chicken and Waffles. We also had the most amazing latte. The milk has some maple flavoring to it and then you add a shot of whiskey. It was one of the most delicious things I have had in a long time. I then went home and took a nap!

Then Sunday I went with friends to the Glessner House, which is in the Prairie District just South of the Loop. There used to be a row of mansions, including Marshall Field's house, but a whole bunch of them were demolished. Thankfully in the 1960s the architectural and cultural importance of the Glessner House was recognized by a group of concerned citizens. They bought the house and turned it into a museum. This house actually lead to the formation of the Chicago Architectural Foundation.

I think what makes this house so amazing is that almost everything in it is original. It actually had been sold and a printing company moved in, but when the house became a museum the family returned almost everything to the house. The architecture is amazing and it is a beautiful example of arts and crafts style. I highly recommend making the trip there to take the tour.

Facade over the front door

Gorgeous carpet in the library. 

Iznik (Turkish tiles) on the fireplace surround in the dining room

Bookcase by woodworker Isaac Scott

The parlor.There is a photo of the original room and it looks the same. 

Writing desk in bedroom

The house is also filled with William Morris wallpaper and rugs. My favorite was actually one designed by May Morris, his daughter. I didn't manage to get a great picture, so you'll just have to go see the house yourself.

I think about today and the resources that interior designers have on hand and I'm always amazed at how these houses get put together. I was wondering how the Glessner's even found the wallpaper and thankfully Frances Glessner kept a journal and was introduced to Morris' work at a Decorative Art Society meeting. She then read his book Hopes and Fears for Art (which you can read for free here).

We stopped and had lunch next door at Spoke and Bird, which is delicious. My friend practically licked the bowl after he finished his tomato soup!  I had a tasty BLT. There are no pictures because I was hungry and I devoured it!

I am so happy I got a chance to watch cat videos and take in some of Chicago's architectural delights. Oh, and eat seriously tasty food.


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